Central New York Land Trust

The Central New York Land Trust is looking for Board of Directors, Governance Committee, Acquisitions Committee, Stewardship Committee, Fundraising/Membership Committee for a term of 3 years.

Central New York Land Trust seeks to preserve and protect natural areas in order to provide our communities clean water, clean air, wildlife habitat, and a chance to connect with the land.  We acquire land either by donation or purchase and keep it in its natural state – free and open to the public. These lands may contain wetlands, ponds, streams, grasslands, forests, hills and all of the other wonderful natural landforms that abound in Central New York. CNY Land Trust owns all of its preserves, and cares for the land forever for community benefit.

The Board of Directors currently meets monthly.  Committee schedules are less regular, but rarely more than once per month.  We are considering a change to our meeting schedule that would have committees and the Board of Directors meeting bimonthly, on alternative months.  Board meetings average 90 minutes and are held on weekday evenings at the CNY Philanthropy Center. Financial obligation is 100% participation.

We are looking for expertise/background in financial management, legal services, real estate, and fundraising.  We certainly welcome volunteers with expertise in conservation and land management as well, though specific experience in this field is not as important as a dedication to conservation principles.  We would also benefit from a more diverse board, including minority representation, retirees, and people under 40.