Faith and Hope Community Center

Faith Hope Community Center is looking for volunteer board members. Faith Hope Community Center provides a safe place for young people to develop while building relationships with positive role models and with one another; to receive free academic services such as tutoring and homework support; to interact with professionally trained mentors, developing critical life skills; and to cultivate healthy alternatives to aggression through disciplined physical training, as well as through dialogue and conflict resolution training.

 Voluntary board member roles available with any of the following specific skill sets:

  1. Finance, accounting and 5013c tax knowledge
  2. Fundraising; public relations
  3. Mental health; public health; preventative health practices
  4. Grant-writing; development

Special Needs: Youth-oriented individual with desire knowledge or experience working with under-served communities, and in particular, youth ages 6-25.   An appreciation for socio-economic diversity is valued, but not essential.

Financial Obligation: Active participation that includes fundraising, volunteering and accessing in-kind  resources, as needed.

Please contact Laura Iodice,  Program and Outreach Coordinator 315 415-0007