LiteracyCNY – provides adults in Central New York with the literacy tools and skills that they need to be contributing, productive, and engaged members of the community.  We do this by advocating for adult education, providing instruction, and partnering with other community based agencies. Improving access to adult literacy addresses inter-generational poverty and makes our community stronger. LiteracyCNY provides instruction to adults who read, write, or speak English below a sixth grade level.

We are looking for Board Members and Committee Members. Committee Members serve for one year or longer; Board Members are elected for 3-year terms and are eligible for one 3-year renewal.  Board Meetings are the third Tuesday of every other month 8:00 – 9:00 AM; Committees meet in the off month as needed. 100% Board participation in an amount of your choosing; expectation that you will promote LiteracyCNY events – specifically SCRABBLEMania.

Seeking accountants or people with corporate/nonprofit finance to assume Treasurer role in the future, and for Advancement Committee Members with public relations expertise.

Please contact: Marsha L. Tait, Executive Director, 315-471-1300 X171, or Chelsea Colón, Nominating Committee Chair,