The Frank H. Hiscock Legal Aid Society

The Frank H. Hiscock Legal Aid Society promotes the fundamental right of every person to equal justice under the law by providing high quality legal assistance to individuals and families in need in Onondaga County and the surrounding region.

Looking for a member of the Board of Directors.  Membership on one of the standing committees, Community Relations or Resource Development. Members of the Board are elected to a 3 year term which can be renewed twice for a total of 9 years of service after which a one year hiatus is necessary before reelection.  The Board meets six times a year.  One of the meetings is the September retreat.  Generally, Board meetings are 1.5 hours.  The retreat is an early evening working dinner meeting that is scheduled for 4 hours.  The November Board meeting often extends for .5 additional hour to accommodate the Executive session at which Executive compensation is decided.  The Board meetings are generally schedule for the noon hour 12:00-1:30.

Committees generally meeting in the months that do not include a Board meeting.  However, the frequency and time of the meetings is determined by the chair of each committee in consultation with its members.  We use call in services with some frequency to accommodate work demands of committee members.

Currently we are looking for an individual with a financial background.  That said, if an individual is passionate about the work that we do, we will find a good fit for that individual.

We request an annual donation from each Board member to allow us to report 100% participation.  The amount of the donation is determined by the Board member.  We ask that HLA be considered one of the top 3 charities to which the member contributes.

Contact Virginia A. Hoveman, 315.506.5985, or Jillian McGuire, 315.233.8213;