YWCA of Syracuse and Onondaga County

YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. http://www.ywca-syracuse.org/site/c.evKSIdOUIiJaH/b.8089973/k.BEA7/Home.htm

An exciting community engagement opportunity for a woman who would like to join other community leaders on our Board of Directors. Specifically, we are seeking potential female Board candidates with backgrounds in finance/auditing or human resources.

The YWCA Board meets 10 times a year. Board meetings occur every third Wednesday of the month, except for July and December. Additionally, Board members are expected to participate in sub-committees appropriate to their expertise. The YWCA board members serve two terms of three years each. The YWCA only allows women to be Board members. Attendance at meetings is critical.

Board members pay a yearly membership fee of $75.00 and are expected to attend all meetings. There are also many community programs that are worthwhile.

Contact Person: Jaclyn D. Grosso, 315-443-1921, jgrosso@syr.edu