5 Reasons to Apply to LGS

If you were to ask a Leadership Greater Syracuse (LGS) alumni what the best part of their program year was, you’re bound to get a long list of answers. The many different aspects of the program can bring meaning to each class and person in a different way. While this list of reasons to apply to the 2022 LGS class isn’t finite, it is certainly some of the most compelling since they are told by those that experienced the program first-hand. See what our graduates have said below!

  1. Inspiring or Inspiration

“We have a rich, vibrant, caring community that is worth investing in and fighting for. Our community has so much to offer yet is also faced with critical social and economic challenges. I am grateful to have learned so much about this community, and about the people keeping this community going who are doing so with huge amounts of personal commitment, starting with a deep sense of purpose. A huge takeaway for me is that there are people making the commitment to do the work to keep our community moving forward, and I can be one of those people too.”

  1. Community Service

“LGS means collaboration and fostering relationships to continue making CNY a place where people want to be and grow.”

  1. CNY

“LGS means that I belong to something bigger than myself. LGS connected me with the leaders of this community as well as the future leaders who were in my class. LGS reinforced my belief in CNY and lets me know that I am not alone in my love for our community.”

  1. Connections

“LGS to me has been about opening my eyes to what a leader is, how I can be a leader in our community, and making life-long connections with my fellow classmates — a group that I’m confident will stay in touch and continue to empower each other for years to come.”

  1. Self

“I lived the program. So many lessons from class days stuck with me. Since LGS, I took on the role of leading our community service committee at work. The program helped me in ways not specifically connected to the community too. I became more confident and more comfortable public speaking.”