Are you interested in preserving an important part of Syracuse’s history?

The mission of the George and Rebecca Barnes Foundation is to own, maintain and preserve the Historic Mansion at 930 James Street, Syracuse New York, it’s associated lands and grounds owned by the Foundation.  The Foundation advances and disseminates knowledge about the Mansion and its collections through educational seminars, tours and other programs highlighting the importance of this 1853 historic residence to its place in the Under Ground Railroad and its place in the history of Central New York.

The Foundation has open positions on its board of directors which meets the third Monday each month from Noon to 1 pm.  Committee meetings and other meetings are scheduled as often as needed.

Each board member is will be an active member of the organization and pay membership dues in a variety of different levels from $40 to $1,000.  Each board member is expected to participate in events and fundraisers throughout the year.

Committees include Development, Membership, Events and Programs, Buildings and Grounds, Finance, Education and  Nominating.

Each committee has its own skill needs. Depending on an individual’s interests and abilities, the Foundation will board members with activities that align with their best talents and interest.

For more information, contact Michelle M. Keib, President, Board of Directors, [email protected]; (315) 657-2620 cell