Syracuse Collegiate Charter School

We are a proposed K-8 public charter school for the students of Syracuse NY.  Our mission is to equip all K-8 students in the city of Syracuse with the academic and character foundations for college and lives full of opportunity, through a college-preparatory curriculum, a joyful and structured environment, and a values-driven culture.  We are in the founding stages of building our school model, getting support from the community, and applying for a charter from the state.

We are looking for a founding board member with a 2 year minimum commitment.

Meetings will be 90 minutes, once per month.  At the founding stage, we are also looking for folks who are interested in helping with grassroots community engagement and can commit to attending 2 outreach events per month.  For the first year, we anticipate an average of 8-10 hours per month time required (including monthly meetings).  Reach out for more details about what this might look like!  This is an exciting opportunity to be on the ground level of building a vision for a public school that can serve all students in Syracuse. Financial obligation:  100% participation, whatever is meaningful for you (no specific dollar amount required)

We specifically need folks in these fields:

  • Finance (particularly accounting)
  • Real estate development
  • Marketing/communications
  • Legal
  • Community engagement

We are also explicitly seeking to build a board that represents the population of Syracuse, and that is diverse racially, ethnically, socioeconomically, by age and gender