Meet the Staff

Executive Director Pam Brunet

Born and raised in CNY, Pam Brunet’s enthusiasm for the community and for LGS is contagious. Her public relations/journalism training equips her to effectively communicate the mission of LGS. Following her graduation from LGS in 1998, Pam served several years in varying capacities, including board president, for Hope for Bereaved. While working as the community relations manager for Bristol-Myers Squibb, she incorporated strategic philanthropy, ran year-over-year successful United Way campaigns, and served as the company spokesperson with the community and the media. Pam’s brief time with the Upstate Foundation taught her the art of fund raising. Pam says that her first job out of college at Dairylea Cooperative, however, taught her the most important lesson – you’ve got to like what you do.

You can reach Pam at [email protected]

Program Director Robin Macaluso

From recruiting and interviewing candidates to guiding the design teams each year, Robin is the heart and soul of LGS. She engenders respect and trust with each class member. Robin’s greatest strength is the ability to ensure that every voice is heard during LGS design teams as she works with team members to focus on outcomes. Robin sees the big picture and uses her incredible organizational skills to execute each class day and LGS special events. Month-over-month, year-over-year, high class evaluation ratings can be attributed to Robin’s attitude and outstanding skills and abilities.

You can reach Robin at [email protected]

Administrative Assistant Karen Boland

Task master is the best way to describe Karen. She has extensive experience in a variety of administrative roles including working for Imagining America and Say YES to Education. Karen is efficient, accurate and always one step ahead.

You can reach Karen at [email protected]

From Left: Rock Star Karen Boland, the Heart and Soul of LGS Robin Macaluso, and the High Energy Pam Brunet.