ROI of Civic Engagement

Is there really a return on investment for an organization’s civic engagement?

The requests for financial support are endless and employees want to work for a socially responsible organization. But how does an organization balance its commitment to community while running a profitable business?

Leadership Greater Syracuse is uniquely positioned to consult with small to medium sized businesses in CNY to help them better understand how their financial performance, image, and employee attraction and retention will be improved should they have a strategic plan for their community involvement activities.

LGS is offering a three-hour consulting program for local leadership teams. Organizations will leave the session with a playbook on how to be more strategic with their philanthropic dollars and their employee volunteers. The curriculum includes:

  • National statistics on the ROI of Civic Engagement
    • Improved employee recruitment and retention (expectations of millennials)
    • Improved financial success
    • Improved likelihood to reach business goals
  • Facts about nonprofits
    • Number of nonprofits in CNY
    • number of non-profits in the U.S. and their impact on the economy
    • What exactly a 501(c)3 is
  • Creation of a customized plan or playbook to meet your business needs. You will end with:
    • SWOT on YOUR business needs
    • Established priorities based on your business mission and business needs
    • Established policy on how to support employee involvement
    • Established policy on decision to only support 501(c)3

The ROI of Civic Engagement program is a customized leadership team training focused on STRATEGIC philanthropy and STRATEGIC volunteerism. For more information and pricing, contact LGS Executive Director Pam Brunet at 315-422-5471 or [email protected]


“Today‚Äôs workforce values an employer that makes corporate social responsibility a priority. Because there are so many great organizations and the requests outweigh the available resources, companies need to be strategic with their charitable giving and employee volunteerism.
SRC can attest to how this approach enhances our employee engagement and positively impacts the communities where we operate.
This LGS curriculum provides practical and tactical advice and ensures that the leadership team understands the ROI of civic engagement.”
Lisa Mondello, Assistant Vice President, HR & Communications, SRC