LGS Adds New Program – The ROI of Civic Engagement

Like all businesses, LGS is looking at needs in the community that align with it’s mission for the purpose of generating new revenue for the organization.

LGS Executive Director Pam Brunet observed that while we live in a very generous community, for profit organizations are overwhelmed with the number of requests for charitable giving. Further, there is research that shows that the new workforce wants to work for a socially responsible organization. And more than ever, brand activism has taken hold.

All of these facts led to the creation of “The ROI of Civic Engagement.” This customized consulting session is available for local for-profit businesses. LGS will come to your business and meet with your leadership team for a few hours, and you will leave the session with a new or enhanced strategic playbook for community involvement.

LGS is uniquely positioned to guide companies on how they can meet their financial responsibilities, enhance their reputation, and retain and attract employees, WHILE serving the community.

Call Pam Brunet at 315-422-5471 or go to: ROI of Civic Engagement – Leadership Greater Syracuse

“This is a win/win for our clients as well as for LGS,” said Pam Brunet. “We are excited about a new offering and the revenue it can bring to LGS.” She asks all LGS grads to spread the word about this new program.

Senior leadership teams will leave this training program with their own customized play book on how best to respond to the community, while supporting their employees and their business.