The LGS Class of 2021 Rocks – Learning and Bonding

The LGS Class of 2021 is off and running. The speakers and lessons are second to none per usual. Our Opening Retreat, Leadership Day, DEI and Education Days have been enlightening thanks to our amazing speakers and class participants who are willing to dig deep on their DiSC assessment and better understand their bias, perspective and privilege.

Until this month, our program days have been virtual, but the design team for the May Discover CNY Day made the leap to hybrid programming. LGS committed to the class at the time of application last summer, that virtual participation would always be available. Design teams and staff are creative, and view it as their responsibility, to ensure that the experience for those who are virtual will have an excellent experience.

One of the creative ideas to help the class bond, has been our VIP program. Program Director Robin Macaluso worked her magic by pairing class members and we asked them to meet (however they were comfortable) on their own to get to know each other better. Staff planned two of these VIP rounds and the feedback sounded familiar: “How did you know that we had XXX in common?” “My VIP is just the best.” Immediately staff learned that they were roping each other into a variety of COVID safe outings from dining to skiing, to running, to hosting at their workplace.

Robin then put pairs together as foursomes and asked them to meet. There was similar feedback. We’ve also heard that for those who are introverted, meeting this way was a far more comfortable than walking into a room with many strangers. Yes, LGS is finding the silver linings and some practices may just be adopted, but it sure felt good to see about 80 percent of them in person in May!

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