NYS Rhythm and Blues Festival, Inc. Seeks Board Members

The   mission  of  the  New  York  State  Rhythm and  Blues  Festival  Inc. is to  preserve,  protect  and  promote blues  music  and culture. This is achieved through education programs, community events and workshops,  culminating with production  of  a FREE  festival  uniting  our diverse  citizenry  in  celebration  of  American  blues- based  music.

Board terms are 2-3 years. Board meetings are held monthly from 6-8:00 p.m. generally on the first Monday of the month. For the few months leading up to the festival (June 24-27, 2021) the meetings will be every two weeks. There will be a few evening events, fall and spring fundraisers, that board members are encouraged to attend. The festival commitment is where we are all hands on deck with everyone pitching in for the three days of the festival, the couple of days leading up to the fest and the cleanup day after. They work hard and support one another with all tasks.

This is a 100% volunteer participation board. They do encourage leads for potential sponsors but there is no financial responsibility to this board position.

They are currently looking to expand the board to include someone who is: energetic, willing to pitch in with the team, has marketing and/or networking experience (or willing to dig in and learn),  male or female, under 40 or over as long as they have a passion for the Blues. They are looking to create a more ethnically diverse board. Additionally, someone with a legal background would be helpful as well. They are an enjoyable, passionate board who believes in the mission and strive to put together a top-notch experience for the community to enjoy.

For more information, contact:

Leslie Garcea, Board President


[email protected]